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7th Summit Shooting Park & Education Center to Host a Day of State Championship

On 200 acres of pristine, forested land on a ridge in Mat-Su Borough you will find 7th Summit Shooting Park, a facility being developed with a focus on training youth in outdoor experiences, primarily clay target sports, but also Helice, archery, smallbore rifle, camping, hiking, and educational opportunities.

Sporting Clays Walkthrough and optional Helice events for 2024 State Championship will be held here in June.  We are excited to introduce Helice to our teams throughout Alaska as many of them experience 7th Summit for the first time.  Great things are coming!

Please contact us if you are able to assist with in-kind donations or funds to develop this Park, which will be utilized by the youth of Alaska and surrounding communities for decades to come! or (907) 354-5244. 


Currently there are 18 teams across Alaska, from Fairbanks to Ketchikan!  You may view our team information under the "Teams" tab, contact information for coaches, practice locations and times, fundraising, and competitions. 

AlaskaYESS ACUI Varsity
Colony Knights
Devil’s Thumb Shooters (Petersburg)
Grace Christian Grizzlies
Haines Glacier Bears
Haines Hot Shots
Houston Hawks
Juneau Trap Team
Ketchikan Junior Shotgun League
Midnight Sons Trap (Inactive)
Palmer Moose
Peninsula Shooting Stars (Inactive)
Rabbit Creek Youth Shotgun League
Redington Huskies
Sitka Shore Shots
Susitna Shooters
Tok Wolverine Trap
Wasilla Warriors


Click on "About Us" to learn more about Alaska SCTP-YESS


Clay target sports are not just for the boys!  Girls often excel in the shotgun sports, and Alaska trains some amazing lady shooters! 


Registration is now open!  Simply go to and click on "Registration" and select "Athlete."  Make sure you select the correct team, and you have cleared your membership with the Head Coach.   Any questions feel free to contact us at


Recent Parent Comments

A quick note to thank you both for all your hard work in planning, organizing, and implementing the 2017 Alaska Qualifier for the Junior Olympics.  The event allowed Madeleine to gain all the direct and indirect benefits of competition as the wobble trap qualifier and final will not soon be forgotten by her (nor her parents who are still recovering)! 

Thank you for your leadership in organizing this event for the State of Alaska.  We recognize the amount of time, effort, sacrifice and stress necessary to pull something like this off.  We also are very thankful for all the time, endurance of cold weather, and safety benefit provided by all the referees.  These folks were super-human for standing for hours in single digit wind-chill weather not only recording the results of each shot fired but also ensuring the competition was safe for all.  Such volunteerism is indeed impressive and reflects highly for this sport. 

As parents for a kid who demonstrated some growth in ability and composure because of the opportunity you afforded her, a sincere Thank you and Job Well Done!  Please feel free to forward our note to others.

COVID & Flu Health Advisory & Policy

Providing this activity to our youth may be one of the best opportunities to keep our kids healthy in mind as well as body. Alaska SCTP-YESS and its member teams, coaches, volunteers, and athletes are not responsible for this or any other virus. We will, however, do our best to be sure we are complying with state, local, facility and program policies in an effort to do our part to attempt to slow the spread of the disease, while still providing an outlet for our youth to enjoy the shotgun sports in the great Alaskan outdoors!

Athletes may not practice or compete if they have a fever, cough, vomiting, or other signs of illness.  We ask that parents & guests show the same respect for the health and wellbeing of others.

2024 Winter Trap Series ~ Trap is the Key!

Our Winter Trap Series begins in January and ends March 2, 2024. 

The 1st tournament on Feb 3 is our Winter Trap Invitational, which will be 2 rounds of American Trap for all participants and 2 rounds of Wobble for Senior Varsity athletes.  Cost is $25 for Trap and an additional $25 for the Wobble event.  Deadline to register is Jan 28.

Winter Trap II is 50 Wobble Trap on Feb 17.  Cost is $28 with a deadline of Feb 11.

Winter Trap III is 50 Pair (100 targets) Doubles on Mar 2.  Cost is $50 with a deadline of Feb 25.  

Ammo is not included in tournament fees but may be purchased with registration below.  


This year's Fall Skeet Series will include 2 live tournaments and a Championship.  The Series begins with a 50-bird American Skeet tournament on November 4, followed by a 50-bird Double Skeet tournament on November 18.  The 51-target Championship will consist of one round of American Skeet (25 birds) and 2 laps of Double Skeet (26 birds, stations 1 thru 7 then 7 thru 1). The Championship will be held on December 2, followed by potluck and Series awards!  


Alaska SCTP-YESS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting youth shooting on a competitive and scholastic level throughout the State of Alaska.  Our purpose is to provide funds, equipment, training and guidance to the youth shooting programs of Alaska, with the goal of developing self-confidence, self-esteem, self-reliance, respect, personal discipline, responsibility, citizenship, teamwork, and sportsmanship through regular competition at local, state, and national events.

"You've prepared for the Journey... Let the Adventure begin!"

Our 20th Annual AlaskaYESS State Championship will be a map-themed event with a Steampunk edge, based on the premise of making a plan, charting the course, for a successful "journey" in the clay target sports!

Held in early June each year since 2004, this event is the largest competition for youth in the clay target sports in Alaska, averaging more than 65,000 targets of competition plus training and fun shoots thrown each year!   

The 2024 State Championship will be held June 4-8 at both Birchwood Shooting Park and 7th Summit Shooting Park, and will include optional Helice! Helice is a paper-only, limited registration.  Please email us for a copy of the registration at

For the first time we are offering each discipline as an A La Carte registration.  For example, you may shoot only the trap events for $136, which will include Trap, Wobble, and Double Trap.  Choose the "A La Carte" registration for limited participation.

See Registration tab for more details!



AlaskaYESS Varsity Team is a team of athletes who are not chosen for their ability in shotgun sports.  They are chosen for their academic excellence, leadership, community service, and as Ambassadors for AlaskaYESS.  Through our affiliation with USAYESS, we are working on developing collegiate teams here in Alaska, as well as traveling with AlaskaYESS Varsity to compete in collegiate clay target competitions across the US in the High School Division.  This puts our Varsity athletes on the field with collegiate athletes and their coaching staff. 

For more information please contact Lindy Moss, Head Coach,  AlaskaYESS Varsity Team at (907) 354-5244


The theme for our 2024 Spring Sporting Clays Series is "Flight Plan: Successful!"  Sporting  I will be 50 5-Stand targets.  Sporting II will be 50-Bird Double Sporting, which is all True Pairs.  Sporting III will be our 100-Bird  Walkthrough Championship.



AlaskaYESS hosts a lot of competition opportunities throughout the year to help our athletes test their skills, providing a venue for developing camaraderie, sportsmanship, citizenship, and fair play. 

Because of the vast distance and extremes in geography, AlaskaYESS sanctions Trap and Skeet Virtuals for all member teams across Alaska in the Spring and the Fall.  This helps our athletes prepare for the State Championship, held the second week of June each year.

We also host Regional tournaments, such as the Southeast Trap Tournament held in Juneau every year.  There are Varsity tournaments for the Trap & Skeet, Advanced Trap & Skeet and Sporting Clays Seasons throughout the school year. 


AlaskaYESS is very fortunate to have the support of numerous organizations, conservation non-profits, businesses and individuals.  Please check out our Affiliates tab for more information on our generous supporters, as well as the Store tab to direct link you to businesses that support our youth.


Our youth clay target sports program would like you to partner with us as we raise up our athletes to not only excel in the shotgun sports, but to excel in life! Please donate today!

To support a specific team, please contact us at for more information.

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